Slibe is more than an app for stories.

Slibe is a powerful tool that will allow you to create high-resolution content quickly and easily.


Using customizable 4K video backgrounds to give your photos or texts a unique style. Whether you are a business or a personal profile, Slibe will help you differentiate yourself from the rest.

Slibe is the definitive tool to grow your digital performance. Make your business or your personal profile increase its reach and audience and thus it will be easier for you to monetize your business.

From creator to creator

All templates have been designed by content creators inspired by the latest trends in different fields: fashion, photography, graphic design... Each of them is unique, so your content will be too. Change the animated background color in one click! With Slibe, and thanks to its powerful customization tools, you will find the style that will make your content or your products unique.

Don’t get out of style!

We know that trends are ephemeral and that’s why our team does not stop creating new templates so that your content remains unique with the latest trends. Without the hassle of updating the app, you will automatically and periodically find new content to use. Select the creative field in which you want to move and Slibe, thanks to its unique recommendation system, will suggest the best templates for your business or your personal profile. In addition, you can customize your workspace by adjusting the collections wheel to your liking. Add and remove the categories you want to have quick access to your favorite templates.


  • 18 categories
  • 130+ templates
  • 60+ fonts
  • 200+ animated elements and titles
  • Millions of combinations
  • UP to 15 sec. duration
  • 3 animation speed variations (slow standard and fast)
  • 3 most usable formats (square, vertical, and horizontal)
  • 100+ animated 3D backgrounds with more than 1000 color variations
  • App updates and fast support

For What:

You can create videos for:

  • Instagram Stories and Feed
  • Tik Tok - Feed
  • Facebook - Post, stories, ADV, FB watch, header
  • Snapchat - Feed
  • Youtube - ADV bumper
  • iPhone - Wallpapers